keyboard.jpgWhy Web 2.0?

First, what is this thing we call Web 2.0? There are many definitions for what Web 2.0 is. According to Wikipedia, Web 2.0 is essentially “web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design,[1] and collaboration on the World Wide Web.” (Wikipedia). This is also why Web 2.0 has become know as the read-write web, which refers to the fact that people are contributing, creating and collaborating content rather than just reading a website. Web 2.0 tools allow the user to contribute without costing much money (or in many cases, any money) and without having to have extensive computer programming or HTML coding knowledge.
So why is Web 2.0 important in education? We are teaching the digital generation. According to The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, “Today’s education system faces irrelevance unless we bridge the gap between how students live and how they learn.” The students we teach today will be using technology for things we have not even dreamed of yet and we need to teach them to embrace new skills and technologies so they can be successful in this new world.

Assignment 1

Read the following blog post by Steve Hargadon Web 2.0 is the Future of Education

Read this article by David Warlick A Day in the Life of Web 2.0

Watch this video: Pay Attention (many of you have seen this before)

Think about why YOU think Web 2.0 will be important in your teaching in the future. You will have to reflect on these articles and video once you set-up your blog (Week 2)