Social Bookmarking

Ever wish you could share your bookmarked websites with other teachers or even with students without having to type out all those web links – well of course there is a way to do that in web 2.0! Delicious is a popular social bookmarking site (of which there are dozens) that allows Internet users to store all of their saved websites (a.k.a. "favorites" or "bookmarks") online, so that they are accessible from any Internet-enabled computer. Users can organize their sites using tags (user-defined keywords), and descriptions. The "social" aspect comes from the fact that users' bookmarks and tags are publicly browsable and searchable. Users can also subscribe to others' bookmark collections or to specific tags to create a personal resource network.
Watch a quick video on what Social Bookmarking is all about form our good friends at Common Craft:
(note: delicious had a major overhaul after this video was produced, so the images you see in the video will differ from what delicious looks like today)

A Few Delicious Features
· Import all your existing bookmarks (a.k.a favorites) from your browser with a few clicks.
· Access (and add to) your bookmarks from any computer! Never lose another link, email links to yourself, or paste into a document for sharing access.
· Discover great resources saved by millions of delicious users with a keyword search, or by browsing specific tags or individual user collections. Try searching Delicious as an alternative to Google when looking for resources for a particular topic.
· Mark any bookmark as private by selecting "do not share" when you save it. (Only YOU will see these sites when you are logged into delicious).
· Let others do the work for you!
o Add users to your Network (click "Add to my Network") to automatically track all their sites (displayed on a separate page from your own). You can also share/recommend a site to any user who is in your Network (such as a colleague!)
Subscribe to a specific tag (go to Tags > My Subscriptions > Add a Subscription) to receive all users' sites saved with that tag (or even narrow your subscription to a specific user and tag).
· Easily share and collect bookmarks with others!
Share all your bookmarks with students or colleagues by giving them a single URL for your delicious username
o Share sites for a specific tag (i.e topic) by providing the link for that tag only, (e.g. -- where the user is lotta_scales and the tag is digital_storytelling).
o Subscribe to the RSS feed of a specific user, tag or user/tag combination in your RSS reader, or display the feed results on a blog, wiki or other webpage to share with students or colleagues.
o Create a special "shared" tag to collect resources along with others for a particular purpose or topic, for example "k12learning20." If you want to share a site with our group, use 'k12learning20' as a tag along with your other chosen tags. (Here is what the RSS feed for the k12learning20 tag looks like, embedded in a wiki page). Imagine how you could leverage this capability for student research, sharing sites with colleagues, or for the school library!

Check out some delicious accounts:
My account (Kathy)
Collins Hill Media Center account:

Check out another social bookmarking site, Goodreads – this site keeps track of what you have read and what others you “friend” are reading. This site lets you rate the books you read and you can also write reviews, which can be viewed by your “friends” on the site. You can also embed a Goodreads widget onto your blog – I have one on the sidebar of my blog! If you friend the “right people (aka, the people who have the same reading interests as you do) it can be a great tool when deciding what to read next.
Check out my Goodreads list – my user name on the site is kathyfs24. This is my personal account, I have been thinking of starting a school account for books I read that are school related.
You do not have to sign on to Goodreads (but feel free to).

Assignment #7

Sign up for a delicious account (delicious is an offshoot of Yahoo, if you already have a Yahoo account, please feel free to use that when you sign up. If you have Bellsouth/ATT as your home internet/email provider then you already have a Yahoo account.)
Add some “bookmarks” onto your account – they can be anything, but think about adding some bookmarks of sites you use in your teaching every year.

Write a blog post reflecting on the benefits of delicious/social book marking in education. Include a link to your delicious account in your blog post.