Google Docs

One of the big reasons why I have you get a Google account when you start this course is so that you can use GoogleDocs. Google has really revolutionized the concept of collaborative documents. If you have noticed this year at school, I have used Google Doc spreadsheets in a lot of different ways and even the most technology challeneged teachers were able to use these spreadsheets easily! You have already participated in a Google Docs spreadsheet for this course, the spreadsheet you posted your email addresses and blog addresses to is a Google docs spreadsheet! Google Docs is not just about spreadsheets, they also have Google Docs documents, presentations (like a Powerpoint slide show) and forms, which you can use to create a survey to send to people.

Watch this In Plain English video to get an idea of why Google docs is so great!

Also, take a look at this testimonial video of how teachers use Google docs (note, most of these teachers are high school teachers, BUT they have some great ideas that could be adapted to an elementary classroom).

Assignment #8A:
Collaborate on a Google Docs Presentation!
Go to this presentation and follow the directions on the second slide.

Assignment #8B
I have created a Google Docs form for you to fill out – it is an evaluation of this course.
Please fill out the form and click submit.

Assignment #8C
Write a blog post about Google docs and how you think you can use them (in school or in life). Also check your Google Reader and post about something interesting you have read recently in your reader.