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Course Program

You will follow and complete all 10 activities in order, to receive the 2 PLU Credits. The due date is the date listed on the week (so week two’s activities are due on June 4, 2010.) The due dates are not hard deadlines, just a guide for your course, BUT the course should be followed in order. Since some of the activities involve checking out and commenting on your classmates blogs, it would be good to try and keep up with the class dates as best you can. Click on the blue links to go to each weeks activities.

5/28/2010 Week #1: Why Web 2.0?

6/4/2010 Week #2: Blogs

6/11/2010 Week #3: RSS Feeds

6/18/2010 Week #4: Wiki’s

6/25/2010 Week #5: Photo sharing

7/2/2010 Catch Up Week

7/9/2010 Week #6: Podcasting

7/16/2010 Week #7: Social Bookmarking

7/23/2010 Week #8: Google Docs

7/30/2010 Week #9: Video sharing and digital story telling

8/6/2010 Week #10: Personal Learning Network (PLN) & Reflection on the course

All work must be completed by August 13, 2010